About Us

Welcome to SnapFanz!

2018 is our 1st year running the SnapFanz.com website. 

We are a company based out of Louisville, Kentucky.  We write code, manage hardware, answer phones and emails, and generally wear a lot of hats. 

Our goal is to make your pool run smoothly and to make the game easy and fun for everyone involved.

We are an Entertainment Only website. We don't take bets but do pay out prizes for winning.  You aren't allowed to use our site if you are engaging in fraudulent or criminal activity.

We take pride in maintaining the integrity of our pools. We carefully record and log everyone's picks. 

We have spent time and money refining our software (and hardware, and networks, etc.) to make the website work great for you. We listen to our customers and make improvements so that our site can be intuitive and fun.

We respect your privacy. We don't spam and we never share your email address or other personal information with anyone.

We charge a fee for hosting your pool, generally $1-$3 per entry. For your money you get a fast, reliable, easy to use, fine tuned web site

We have a money back guarantee and you may start a pool free with no obligation to use it. There's absolutely no risk to try anything on our site, so go ahead and test it out, take a site tour and write me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Best regards,

The Support Geeks


About Us