***Tip:  Try turning your phone sideways or horizontally to allow more space to drag and drop.  ***


1.  Each week you will be provided a list of 20 games. 

2.  Pick the team that you think will win each game.

3.  Next you will rank the games 1-20 by confidence that the team you chose to will, will actually win.  #1 slot is your least confident and #20 slot is your most confident.

Example: Florida vs Georgia (with a 2 point spread)  This game would be  a toss up so, you would want to probably rank this game in the 1-5 position (NOT 15-20 because either team could win!

Now that you have the teams Picked and Ranked, lets go over the scoring.

Please remember the scoring is like GOLF (The LOWEST score WINS)

If you WIN a game you get ZERO points.  If you LOSE a game, you get what ever you RANKED them.  Think about the Florida vs Georgia game,  if you rank that game in the 20 slot your are at risk of getting 20 points, so save that slot for the games like ALABAMA playing NW Louisiana State Junior College!

As you know there is ALWAYS a twist, and this is where strategy comes into play.  Each game will have a point spread that favors the BOLD team (The FAVORITE).   If for some reason you are Nostradamus and you pick the UNDERDOG to WIN a game, you will get negative whatever the point spread is listed.  So here is how the strategy works:  Lest's say Alabama is playing Vanderbilt, and the point spread is 30 points favoring Alabama.  If you think there is any chance that Vandy could win, you might want to rank that game in the #1 slot, because if you WIN you will get -30 points, and if you lose you will only get 1 point,so you have to balance risk versus reward.

There are also 5 BONUS games given each week.  Get all of those games correct and receive -10 points!

Once you play for a week or two, you will get the hang of it!