Is the point spread used....Does the favorite winning team have to win by XX for me to WIN the game

HELL NO! - When choosing games all you have to do is pick the WINNER and you WIN.  If you pick the LOSER, you obviously LOSE.  The point spread only comes into effect if you choose the UNDERDOG to WIN and they actually WIN, then you get NEGATIVE points (whatever the spread is). 


How many points do I get when I WIN a game

If you choose the FAVORED team and they get ZERO points because my hairless cat (with no paws) could pick the favorite teams to win ALL DAY!  As a matter of fact, Stevie Wonder AND Ray Charles could pick the favorites and WIN a bunch of games.  By the way, have you ever seen Stevie Wonder's wife?.....Neither has he!

Here is where you lose out - you big LOSER!.  You get PENALIZED for LOSING any games. So if you rank a game in the 20 slot and you LOSE, you get 20 POINTS.  So try to minimize your loses to only those games in the 1-7 slots and you will do just fine.  Oh and just for the fun of it, we throw in 5 BONUS games where the point spreads are really tight and the games could go either way.   If you happen to get all of these correct, OH SCHNAPP! (pun intended) - you get NEGATIVE 10 points.  So try to get those games correct.  See ya later LOSER!